ॐ ह्रीं श्री शांतिनाथाय नमः

Bhagwan Shree Shantinathji is one of the five most worshippable tirthankars in present Chauvishi. Mere recitation of Shantinath negates all bad omens, brings peace and protects devotees from problems.

We are fortunate to have Anjan Shalaka (Pujaniya) Pratimaji of Shantinath at Redmond Jain Derasar.

All are requested to participate and take Dharma labh. Kids are encouraged to participate as well. Come in Puja cloths to participate or just come and listen.

Date: Saturday, Sept 14th, 2019

Tithi: Bhadarvo Sud Poonam

Address: 2904 266th AVE NE, Building A, Redmond WA 98053

Detailed Program:

    • 9:30 AM - Moolnayak Ashtaprakari Puja
    • 10:45 AM - Snatra Puja


Redmond Jain Derasar